Perelman as seen by Raphaël Lipski

Son of the engineer Abraham Lipski, a close friend of Chaïm Perelman, Raphaël Lipski speaks of the relationship between their two families and shares his personal memories.

0:00 Presentation of Raphaël Lipski; 0:39 Meeting between the Lipski and Perelman families; 4:48 Nature of the relationship between the two families during the after-war period; 6:17 On the relationship between Abraham Lipski and Chaïm Perelman; 10:22 Raphaël Lipski's personal memories of Chaïm Perelman's personality; 16:19 Fela Perelman's influence on her husband’s career; 17:10 Creation of the Perelman Foundation; 20:13 On the relationship between the Lipski brothers and Fela Perelman after Chaïm's death; 22:30 A few anecdotes relating to Chaïm Perelman (relationship with money, humour…); 27:29 Fela Perelman's personality and the couple she and Chaïm formed; 31:16 Chaïm Perelman's relations; 32:21 On the relationship between Raphaël Lipski and Noémi Perelman; 36:05 Chaïm Perelman's “dual loyalty” to Belgium and Israel.

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