Research Instruments

The work of inventorying the Université libre de Bruxelles’ Perelman Collection led to the creation of three research tools, made available via this website:

• An inventory consisting of the general description of the collection and files according to standard archival norms (ISAD(G) 2000), with an index nominorum and index rerum, as well as a table of Perelman’s texts contained in the collection;

Here you can download the entire inventory of the Université libre de Bruxelles’ Perelman Collection.

• A Pallas database which contains a structural vision of the Perelman Collection, some sections are illustrated with examples or items worthy of interest. A systematic encoding of the items in Chaïm Perelman’s general scientific correspondence contained in the sub-collections 1 and 3 (see the inventory) has also been carried out. Finally, all the items included in Chaïm Perelman’s general outgoing correspondence have been digitised on a massive scale. The PDF file corresponding to items from each year (1962-1983; missing: 1961 [majority of the items], 1982) can also be consulted on the Pallas database (see inventory, sub-collection 6). You can find more complete information on the contents of this database in the section of the website which is devoted to it.

• An interface presenting the results of the automatic extraction of named entities, after the handling of the outgoing correspondance of Chaïm Perelman preserved on carbon-carbon double bond (BE.ULB-ARCH/89PP 34 to 41, sub-collection 6), as well as an outcome mapping established from the spotting of Perelman's correspondent in the same corpus. This work had been realised by two researchers from our institution, Max de Wilde and Simon Hengchen (Research Center ReSIC, ULB) using automatic language processing techniques (TAL)  [coming soon].

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