Posthumous tributes to Chaïm Perelman

A tribute session was held in Chaïm Perelman's honour at the Royal Academy of Belgium on 8 February 1984, a few days after his death [on 22 January 1984]. And in October 1991 the Université libre de Bruxelles organised a three day major international congress which was devoted to the influence of Perelman's thought on philosophy and human sciences, in which the most highly regarded specialists from all over the world participated, and which was made possible thanks, notably, to the support of the Perelman Foundation created at the initiative of his wife (the texts of conferences and discussions which livened up this major scientific meeting were brought together by Professor Guy Haarscher, Justice et argumentation, essais à la mémoire de Chaïm Perelman, Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles, 1986 [digital copy made by the Archives and Libraries of the Université libre de Bruxelles]).

Source : Legros Robert,  “Chaïm Perelman”, in Nouvelle biographie nationale, t. IV, 1997, p. 291.Translated from the French by Catherine Hall.

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