Perelman as seen by Olivia Mattis Perelman

Olivia Mattis-Perelman is the grand-daughter of Chaïm and Fela Perelman; she currently lives in New York. She remembers her grand-parents, and shows us some items from the family archives.

0:00 Presentation of Olivia Mattis; 0:33 The Sousa Mendes foundation, presided over by Olivia Mattis; 2:02 Olivia Mattis' relationship with her maternal family; 2:55 The decision to transfer the  Perelman's private archives to Washington; 4:05 Olivia Mattis' memories of her grandfather Chaïm Perelman; 6:07 On her grandmother Fela; 7:21 The Perelmans' social life; 7:48 The links between the Sousa Mendes Foundation and the Perelmans; resistance during the Second World War; 13:30 Fela Perelman's campaign during and after the war; 16:55 Chaïm Perelman's attachment to Belgium; 17:59 The Perelmans and art; 20:12 The part played by Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca in the Traité de l’argumentation; 22:31 The Perelman's relationship with Judaism; 26:21 Some family photographs with commentaries by Olivia Mattis; 30:58 A position statement by Chaïm Perelman about saving the Jews in Belgium during the Second World War; 33:49 Relating to the links between the life and thinking of Chaïm Perelman; 35:57 Fela Perelman's influence on Chaïm's thinking.


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