Perelman as seen by Jean-Philippe Schreiber

Jean-Philippe Schreiber is a historian and professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles. He is working on an -as yet unpublished - biography of Chaïm Perelman.

0:00 Presentation of Jean-Philippe Schreiber; 0:38 Chaïm Perelman's dual loyalty to Belgium and Israel; 5:54 Chaïm Perelman’s activities during the war - the AJB; 7:14 Organisation of the Jewish Resistance - the CDJ; 13:11 Perelman’s role within the Jewish community in the immediate post-war period; the influence this experience had on the development of his thinking; 21:02 Reconciliation and epideictic rhetoric, with a direct link to the present day (2015); analysis of Perelman’s project in the light of recent developments; 25:35 The Perelmans’ relationship with the State of Israel; Fela Perelman’s role in Jewish emigration to Palestine; 30:36 The Perelman’s involvement in "Les Amis belges de l'Université de Jérusalem"; 32:56 Chaïm and Fela Perelman’s differences of opinion when it came to Zionism; 36:13 Marcel Liebman and the “Menorah” association; 41:00 Fela Perelman.

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