Perelman as seen by Boris Vansier

A Swiss painter of Russian extraction, Boris Vansier was commissioned to paint a portrait of Chaïm Perelman. This painting, which was refused by the Perelmans, is still in his possession today. The painter talks about the history of the portrait and gives an artist's view of Chaïm Perelman's personality.

0:00 Introduction; 0:39 Presentation of the painter Boris Vansier; 4:50 How Boris Vansier got to know the Perelmans; 8:00 On Boris Vansier's relationships with the Belgian artistic milieu; 10:10 The commission for Chaïm Perelman's portrait; 14:00 Relating to the actual painting of the portrait /Chaïm Perelman seen by the painter; 21:53 The Perelmans rejection of the portrait; 25:05 After the episode of the painting; 28:20 The artist's relationship with Chaïm Perelman's portrait.


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