Perelman as seen by Avi Schneebalg

The lawyer Avi Schneebalg is Chaïm Perelman’s nephew. Here he looks back on family memories of his uncle.

0:00 Presentation of Avi Schneebalg; 0:30 Chaïm Perelman’s family and his sister Sophie - Avi Schneebalg’s mother; 1:34 The relationship between Chaïm and Sophie Perelman; some of Avi Schneebalg’s childhood and adolescent memories of Chaïm Perelman;  8:44 Chaïm Perelman as a professor; 10 :37 Some anecdotes about Chaïm Perelman; 13:58 The end of Chaïm Perelman’s life; 16:39 Perelman’s family circle; 18:53 Chaïm and Fela Perelman as a couple; 20:37 Chaïm Perelman’s religious views; 22:38 Chaïm Perelman’s funeral; 23:19 Other anecdotes about Chaïm Perelman.

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